Ajjubhai (Total Gaming) vs TSG Ritik: Who has better stats in Free Fire?

Ajjubhai, otherwise known as Total Gaming, and TSG Ritik are two noticeable figures in the Indian Free Fire people group. The previous flaunts a monstrous supporter tally of more than 19 million, while the last runs TWO-SIDE GAMERS close by TSG Jash, which has an endorser check of over 6.8 million.

This article investigates their in-game details in Garena Free Fire and thinks about them.

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Ajjubhai’s Free Fire ID and details

His Free Fire ID is 451012596.

Lifetime statsAll-time details

Unsurpassed details

Ajjubhai has contended in 10177 crew matches to date and has figured out how to stay unbeaten in 2521 for a success level of 24.77%. With 37347 frags to his name, he has a K/D proportion of 4.88.

In the pair mode, the decoration has won 306 of the 1642 games, meaning a success proportion of 18.63%. Simultaneously, he has dispensed with 6402 adversaries at a K/D proportion of 4.79.


The substance maker has likewise played 897 performance coordinates and has 77 ahead of all comers completes for a success pace of 8.58%. He has executed 2264 adversaries with a K/D proportion of 2.76.

Positioned statsRanked details

Positioned details

The YouTuber has participated in 314 crew matches in the progressing positioned season and has 41 successes, keeping a success proportion of 13.05%. He has packed away 1023 slaughters at a K/D proportion of 3.75.

Aside from this, the web star has played three pair games and has a solitary triumph with a success level of 33.33%. He has made sure about five frags for a K/D proportion of 2.50.

Finally, Ajjubhai has ten performance games to his name and has one Booyah, likening to a success pace of 10%. He has accumulated 19 disposals with a K/D proportion of 2.11.


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TSG Ritik’s Free Fire ID and details

His Free Fire ID is 124975352.

Lifetime statsAll-time details

Unequaled details

TSG Ritik has included in 10448 crew coordinates and has beaten the competition on 2130 events, which compares to a success level of 20.38%. With a K/D proportion of 3.01, he has scored up 25002 frags.

The web star has played 2302 games in the team mode and has bettered his enemies in 252 of them, changing over to a success proportion of 10.94%. He has accumulated 4379 slaughters for a K/D proportion of 2.14.

The YouTuber has likewise showed up in 850 performance coordinates and has won in 53, making his success rate 6.23%. He has piled up 1640 disposals at a K/D proportion of 2.06.

Positioned details


Positioned details

Positioned details

The decoration has taken an interest in 78 crew games in the flow positioned season and has 13 successes, having a success proportion of 16.66%. He has collected 256 slaughters, maintaining a K/D proportion of 3.94.

Note: The details in this article were recorded at the hour of composing. They are liable to change as the substance makers keep on playing more games in Free Fire.


Both YouTubers have inconceivable details in Garena Free Fire. In the lifetime details, Ajjubhai is better in K/D proportion and win rate in each of the three – solo, couple, and crew – modes.

It is difficult to think about their positioned details in the performance and couple modes as TSG Ritik is yet to include in them. In the crew mode, TSG Ritik has the edge.

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